Business Mentors can add significant value to your business!

Mentors can add significant value to your business!

I often like to read articles from Michael Yardney, a successful Property Investor who owns Metropole. Here is a quote from him about finding the right mentors… Let me know if it resignates with you!
“Perspective is something that you can’t buy – but it’s something you can hire when you get the right team of experts on your side.  Despite my success in investing and business I still have mentors and pay for business coaches.  And I still use the concept of the “Final 10 Meters” which has served me well.  I seek out who people have already achieved what I want to achieve, have solved the problems I need to solve, and have made the mistakes I want to minimise.”

“Final 10 Meters” experience can only be obtained from mentors that have been in your position before and are prepared to share their journey.

JNW assists businesses based on real “Final 10 Meters” experience.  We currently provide business mentors for the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring Program.   In this program we share practical, strategic insights that help businesses grow, manage risk and take advantages of opportunities.

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