Recession Risk – Are You Prepared?

Recession Risk – Are You Prepared? With rising interest rates, supply chain and workforce issues and elevated inflation, operating costs are quickly and steeply increasing.  A recent paper by Goldman Sachs (see attached) suggests the current risk of recession is around 25%, but if the US enters recession, the odds rise above 50%. Do you […]

Post COVID Controls HealthChecker

While there has been plenty of attention in the media regarding whistleblowers and the cost of fraud to businesses, what has not been a focus is the value of establishing a strong whistleblower framework within risk programs and corporate governance structures.

Strategic Mentoring – Helping Businesses Survive and Evolve

During COVID, I chose to become a mentor of the VCCI Business Recovery Resilience Mentoring Program.  I wanted to assist struggling small businesses by offering strategic insights into how they could pivot and adjust to the significant risks and impediments place on them because of COVID lockdowns.  I was also curious, having provided strategic and […]

Time for Inspired Strategic Leadership

Time for Inspired Strategic Leadership We are currently living through a really tough time.  The pandemic is overwhelming.  People are silently suffering, the isolation restricting livelihoods and the sadness felt from the health impacts. Unfortunately our trust in leaders has been eroded by political self-interest, non-transparent decisions, poor behaviour and inconsistent populist actions. Society is […]

Business Mentors can add significant value to your business!


Mentors can add significant value to your business! I often like to read articles from Michael Yardney, a successful Property Investor who owns Metropole. Here is a quote from him about finding the right mentors… Let me know if it resignates with you! “Perspective is something that you can’t buy – but it’s something you […]

Are you Prepared to Capture the Post Pandemic Growth?

Happy New Year.  JNW is positive about 2021.  As Victoria’s economy recovers from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, now is the time to establish a strategic agenda to navigate out of the complexities of COVID and capitalise on the potential upside growth. To help, we thought we would share some of our learnings obtained […]

JNW Strategic Consulting’s Opportunity Tips for 2021

Congratulations, You have survived a most unprecedented year. History will write that 2020 was a very challenging year for livelihoods, both personally and business wise. With Christmas coming up, it is apt to reflect and congratulate ourselves on getting through this significant event. Moving into 2021, it is important we take the learnings and move […]

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