Payroll & Award Compliance

Are you at risk of underpaying your employees and breaching Award requirements?

In recent times, underpayment of employee wages or employers not meeting the required employment terms and conditions has made front page news, resulting in penalties and reputational damage to some of Australia’s largest corporations.  The Federal government has established a Senate inquiry to further highlight poor payment practices. Consequently, non-compliance with regulated Awards has become a higher risk for organisations. 

Breaches of award conditions can attract substantial civil penalties (up to $630,000 for serious contraventions of the Fair Work Act), in addition to brand destruction.

Having aided numerous businesses assess their payroll systems control frameworks, JNW offers intelligence and knowledge on employee time recording, payroll systems, key award compliance requirements and how you can prove conformity with the annualised wage provisions and the “Better Off Overall Test” (BOOT).

Our Payroll Controls Solutions are risk focused and designed to:

  1. Protect Executive and Officers from award breaches;
  2. Establish strong time recording and payroll payment processes;
  3. Provide assurance on payroll expenditure; and
  4. Increase payroll intelligence.

Employees are your greatest asset.  Their wages are typically one of the largest expenses for most organisations.  JNW can help you establish effective and efficient frameworks for managing payroll risks.

Specific Payroll Controls & Award Compliance services include:

Payroll & Award Compliance HealthChecker

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Examples of who we work with and our broad payroll and award compliance experiences

Ridley Corporation Ltd (ASX Listed agricultural company)

  • Assessment of payroll payments compliance with award pay rates including pay rates, any special overtime/shift rates, allowances, gross pay calculations, superannuation and Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) assessment methodology
  • Conducted a review of overtime allocation. This included analytics on overtime paid, analysis of staff rostering and the time recording system 

Badminton Australia

  • Completed an environmental scan of select financial controls including payroll procedures, pay approvals, Pay-To-Pay Variation Reports, Employee Details Audit Report and bank payment extract reconciliation

Fairway Hostel

  • Completed a payroll financial controls environmental scan covering culture, payroll policies and procedures, employee time recording, online rostering and pay recording systems, ADP payroll processing and controls over the employee masterfile

WestWaters Hotel & Entertainment Complex

  • Reviewed payroll transactions to confirm compliance with award rates and appropriate recording and calculation of overtime, annual leave, sick leave and Time In Lieu