Time for Inspired Strategic Leadership

Time for Inspired Strategic Leadership

We are currently living through a really tough time.  The pandemic is overwhelming.  People are silently suffering, the isolation restricting livelihoods and the sadness felt from the health impacts.

Unfortunately our trust in leaders has been eroded by political self-interest, non-transparent decisions, poor behaviour and inconsistent populist actions. Society is screaming out for inspired leadership to show us the path, the way out and provide hope for the future.

Luckily, we have had temporary relief watching the Olympics, where we have witnessed genuinely inspirational moments.  Among numerous examples, the Boomers provided  insights into an inspiring culture, driven through the passion of people like Andrew Gaze and the Patty Mills follow me and we will climb the hill attitude.  Playing for the past, the future and present, these leaders had a clear vision and set of objectives.  The way the players conducted themselves demonstrated the values they stand for – long-term commitment to a promise, accountability, honesty, team focus, success mindset, dedication, sacrifice, respect, humility and enjoyment.  The team made us proud and brought tears joy by displaying the ANZAC spirit, the little Aussie battler ethos and resilience in the trenches with mates.

In these unprecedented times we need more inspired leadership.  If you are in a position of influence, develop a strategic vision, be inspiring, be authentic and transparent, be bold and innovative, be humble, own your weaknesses, motivate by actions and most of all, smile and be a good person.

If you would like assistance building a business plan or setting a strategic vision, for inspiration, contact Jeff at jeffwebb@jnw.au or call him on 0437 539 015. Have a great day.  Strategic Planning – Business Process Risk Professionals (jnw.au)

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